I love my crockpots…yes I have 3 and use them all the time.  Best invention ever is the crockpot liner (find at Walmart in foil and baggy aisle) put a liner in your crockpot and break down that turkey carcass and put into crock pot…you might need two crock pots if you are going to use the whole thing.  Hopefully you have saved all of your ends or peelings of veggies that you cut up…throw all that in here…fill with water just about to the brim…add all your seasonings.  fresh parsley or dried and all poultry seasonings, salt and pepper…cayenne and red pepper flakes for a kick and garlic.  also some chunks of onion.  put on low….cook overnight ….add water in morning if need be and keep cooking for total of 24 hours.  You then will put a large bowl into the sink and bring that crock pot liner out be very careful…get help for this… and poke some good size holes into bottom of bag that you are holding over that bowl. and drain all of that yummy bone broth into the bowl…you might need two bowls so have someone there to help you.  Now if you are not making a soup in the next week you can put into smaller containers and freeze or into ice cube trays and freeze.  This broth is now your base for “miracle chicken soup” when you or family member is sick.  Recipe will come later for that….