Happy Fall!

Lisa's Pumpkin Bread Recipe: 3 C sugar, 1 C vegetable oil, 3 eggs, 1 (16ounce can) solid pack pumpkin, 3 C flour, 1 teaspoon of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. preheated oven at 350 degrees, baking flour spray a...


Trash pickup is delayed today, Tuesday, September 3 but will be picked up today.  There was motor oil into a 96-gallon bin and because it is hazardous materials the entire truck has to be emptied and cleaned before we can pick up everyone else.  This is very...


RESIDENTIAL 96 GALLON BIN CUSTOMERS LETS SLEEP IN!!!  Wake up and have your coffee before we deal with garbage.  From now on have your bins out at 9:00a.m.

Let us buy you a cup of coffee!

Refer a friend and when your friend starts trash service you both will receive a gift certificate at Wanderlust Market (coffee cart on Floyd Hill)  Just make sure your friend lets us know that you referred us!  Nothing would make us happier than to buy you a cup of...


Commercial trash service days will not change.Residential Trash will be picked up on Tuesday, September 3rd.  Have bins out by 9:00a.m.  

Well, we cannot say enough about how thrilled we are with the new Doyle Disposal company in town!  Our town maintenance person parked in front of our dumpster on pickup morning, I promptly called Doyle to apologize for the problem and the next day our most wonderful driver Blake came around and emptied the dumpster!  Our service has been perfectly amazing!  Customer service above and beyond any other company we have ever used!  We actually receive paid invoices electronically!  We are continually updated as to their new and improved service!  We could not be more pleased!  Thank you for your service Doyle Disposal!
Bernie and Peggy in Empire

Bernie and Peggy


We’re so happy we switched from Timberline to Doyle Disposal!! With Timberline our garbage wasn’t getting picked up and yet we were paying for the service. With Doyle Disposal our garbage is picked up each week on time!! Also the took it upon themselves to make our cans bear proof at no charge to us. Another thing I really appreciate is the email updates. We’re so happy we switched to Doyle Disposal!

Cheri Finn


Lisa Was super knowledgeable and helpful on our phone call today. I have had nothing but great service.!

Pam Waltz


My trash was actually picked up!!! I got so tired of the other garbage company telling me they couldn’t come on our day of pickup because our road was closed! (We were never notified, always had to call at end of day to see if they were coming) Our road is never closed. This has gone on every winter for yrs. and all summer! Thankful for a new Disposal Company who arrives on time and doesn’t tell us road is closed! 

Kathy Gifford


When our former disposal service dropped the ball on us, Doyle Disposal jumped in and saved the day..!  Doyle Disposal is great! They have been great to work with and their service is amazing.

Greg Books


Great group of people.

Downieville Trailer Park


Couldn’t ask for better service. Chris and his team helped with our transition and have made sure our dumpster area stays clean. Great Job!!

Beau Jos


Did a great job. There when they said they would be and took care of everything.

Mike Morris


We are so happy with Doyle Disposal. This is a very dependable, hard working, local company that cares about the community. For the first time in several months my trash has been picked up consistently. We switched to Doyle Disposal about a month ago, and they have picked up our trash every week. We are very pleased with the professional treatment this local company provides to our family.  

Mary and Peter Hansen


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